A Note From our CEO on Her Birthday

37 was an epic year for me. I had opportunities bigger than the dreams I dreamed growing up. I grew as a leader in ways I didn’t know I had the capacity for. I expanded my heart with more empathy and kindness than I thought I had. I laughed more, listened deeper, and experienced more joy than a younger me could have imagined. This life I lead every day is a gift that exceeds my expectations. 

Today I turn 38. I find myself in board rooms with my team feeling older and wiser than ever before, but there’s one piece of wisdom I learned in the last year that shines bright in my mind. It comes from my one on one chat with Whoopi Goldberg: “Birthdays are great. I celebrate them for all of my friends who didn’t get to have one.” 

I spent some time last night going through my high school year book from my senior year. There I am, cheerleader skirt and fearless enthusiasm on display, but next to me are people who aren’t here to celebrate their 38th birthday. One old boyfriend who didn’t make it to his 21st birthday. Another friend lost early on in her career as a fire fighter to a wildfire that stole her away before she turned 25. With age comes loss. With the years come the aches and pains of people you never imagined not being in your life. 

The number one question I am asked is “How do you do it?” There is no secret sauce, no recipe for success in this life that I have to share. Simply put, I just do. I wake up every morning trusting that I am here to do great things and I spend all of my waking moments determined to live my best life. It doesn’t mean I don’t have crappy days. It doesn’t mean I don’t have days when I want to crawl back into bed, but it absolutely means I celebrate each day with everything I can muster. 

If you’re reading this, if you’re here to feel the sun on your face, then you’re here for another day to make a difference. Give what you have to give. Do what you can. Boldly go with the confidence of knowing that the legacy of all those souls who aren’t here to experience this day are with you in spirit. 


  • cindy
    Posted at 22:10h, 24 April Reply

    Happy BIrthday Krista!!! I just got my ELIXIR from http://www.longlifenaturals.com today and I am super excited.
    I have been getting great results with their CBD products. Love The Weekend Box!!!

    • Celebrate Bella
      Posted at 17:00h, 30 April Reply

      Thank you!! We love the Weekend Box too!! You can find our products in their CBD only version!

  • cindy
    Posted at 22:14h, 24 April Reply

    Love you so much Whoopi!!! Happy Birthday and I love you and what you stand for!!! Party for all of us, you are awesome!!!

    • Celebrate Bella
      Posted at 16:59h, 30 April Reply

      Thank you for the kind words!!

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