Bella was created for my daughter, Bella, who has suffered with eczema her entire life. Her name is Italian for ‘Beautiful’ and we are dedicated to helping women feel their most beautiful every day.


– Krista Whitley, Founder




Having family members who suffer from extreme skin sensitivity and dermal disorders, the founders of Bella wanted to formulate a wellness line that would calm their skin and alleviate discomfort. Utilizing the purest, most wholesome, and supreme quality ingredients — all incorporated with the finest CBD — the Bella line was born.

Women are the fastest growing demographic of cannabis users; so it only makes sense that Las Vegas Women Grow Market Leader, Krista Whitley would incorporate the hemp plant in Bella’s unique, ultra premium feminine topical line. This women-owned company combines premium, spa-inspired formulations with the finest distillate CBD that delivers ultimate relief!


Krista Headshot

Founder and CEO, Krista is a trailblazing leader, entrepreneur and mom. She leads the team in overall strategy, creative marketing and product innovation for Bella.

Krista Whitley

Founder & CEO

Director of Operations and advocate, Melissa is an energetic, passionate and driven leader who ensures the team meets our standards and lives up to our mission.

Melissa Romero

Director of Operations

Director of Sales and master of execution, Kris is responsible for building relationships and closing deals.

Kris Olivo

Director of Sales