Let’s talk about botanical hemp oil!

There has been a lot of talk and controversy rehashed and revamped over the subjects of cannabis and hemp over the past few years. With medical marijuana becoming legal on a state level in numerous states, and some states even mandating it as recreationally available — the applications of cannabis-derived compounds are without a doubt on the rise. One of these miraculous compounds that are getting a lot of research and traction is botanical hemp oil.

Botanical hemp oil is similar to many other essential oils, where the oil is distilled from a natural plant source. In the case of botanical hemp oil, quality grade hemp plants, (or medical marijuana plants that have high-CBD/low-THC levels), are utilized. What this distinction in plant usage indicates is that the psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) molecules that causes the “high” effects are not present to affect the user. This makes botanical oil use safe and easy for all, any age, any life-stage. Through the use of refined oil, everyone can benefit from the health incentives surrounding cannabis use, without the concern of being “under the influence.”

Botanical oil, one of the most abundant compounds within the cannabis plant, has done wonders in medicine and is continuously studied for it’s alleviating effects and properties. Hemp oil has been found to help those suffering from a vast spectrum of ailments — ranging from skin disorders like psoriasis and eczema, to neurological disorders like migraines and seizures, to physical body discomfort.

There has even been speculation as to whether or not include hemp oil as a natural supplement on grocery shelves. The WHO (World Health Organization) has even verified that there aren’t any negative consequences from botanical hemp oil usage, nor is there an overdose capacity. Hemp oil has been continuously examined for its safety. Applications of hemp in daily use for relief and as a means of medicine continues to grow and thrive — have you thought about how to incorporate botanical oil into your life and experience the wellness?

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